Retry messages not working in Serviepulse after transport migration

We just migrated from MsMq to RabbitMq and all the NSercieBus functionality is working just fine. The only thing is that retry-ing failed messages inside ServicePulse isn’t working anymore.
The failed messages are shown inside the Servicepulse UI, after clicking retry nothing happens.
Maybe it is because our queuenames changed because of the mirgation. So we had to change all queuenames in the Timeout tables from [queuename]@[machinename] to [queuename].
Is this also possible for the ServicePulse messages? And if so, how can we change them?

NServiceBus 7.1.10
ServiePulse 1.14.3

Hi @KoenMeijer,

The messages in that you’re retrying, were they in the error queue before the migration, or did those fail and end up in the error queue after the migration?

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Hi Laila,
There where still a lot of messages in the errorqueue when we migrated. But the messages we want to retry are from after the migration.
It looks like the old messages (before migration) are bothering the new messages.

Hi @KoenMeijer,

I don’t suspect that the messages in the error queue are interfering with each other.
Apart from changing the destination for timeout messages, there are a few additional things to consider.

For the new messages that are failing after migration, I would suggest inspecting the headers and figuring out if they are pointing to the correct destination endpoint. You can inspect the NServiceBus.FailedQ-header to verify that.

If they are not pointing to the correct queue, you can make use of redirects in ServicePulse to route them to the correct destination. More information on that is available here.
The same applies for messages that were in the error queue before migration. They could be retried with a redirect in place.

I hope that helps!

Thank you for your answer.
I’ve been retrying messages from after the migration. In the headers of these messages is can see the correct destination endpoint. After the retry, a message shows “retrying the message [messageid]”. But then nothing happens. Also the Last 10 completed retry requests are not updated. And I do not see the message appear in the desitination queue.
Also whit the older messages I see the same behaviour. I checked the destination in the header and put a redirect in place to route them to the correct endpoint. But then also the message “retrying the message” with no further result.

I retried an message group with two messages inside.
The UI states:

  • Initialize retry request…
  • Prepare messages…
  • Send messages to retry (Queues)
    And then nothing happens.

It appears the messages cannot be send.

Hi @KoenMeijer,

I would suggest raising a non-critical support case so that we can further investigate the issue.
In the support request feel free to send through the ServiceControl logs so that we can figure out what’s going wrong.

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