Root cause of raven.client.exceptions.nonauthoritiveinformation exception

Hi there
We work with some sagas on our project. However sometimes when we send event to the saga (could be a concurrency issue) we get this type of errors in ServicePulse

raven.client.exceptions.nonauthoritiveinformationexception: raven.client.document.inmemory document...

As a result we need to retry the messages so that the saga can proceed with its work.
Does anyone has an idea why this happens and how to avoid this?


As asked on chat, please provide full exception details Click the message and copy and past the exception details.

Sorry but I had to retry the messages, due to the urgency, so no longer have access to the full description, message retried with success on Pulse. I will try to catch it on Service Insight since probably I will see there the error but not sure if I can get access there…not sure if I can though

@vlopes without more information it’s hard to understand what is going on.

However, given what I can see from the screenshot, the exception seems to be the regular optimistic concurrency exception that Raven can throw if two transactions are touching the same document.

From the NServiceBus point of view it’s a regular exception, so it happens to exhaust all the retry attempts the message will be moved to the error queue