Running into problems using MSMQTransport

(Kevin Ison) #1

I have been trying to learn this software and I have a test project that runs… using the LearningTransport.

        var epCfg = new EndpointConfiguration("DsEndpoint");
        var transport = epCfg.UseTransport<LearningTransport>();

However when I go to use MsmqTransport(and I have MSMQ setup… i am learning this because of an app that was previously built using this software and msmq as a transport so before i go modify existing code I want to learn how to use this software…):


It breaks… I have not found a good example and maybe i misread… what else to I need to do to get this running using MSMQ?

(Ramon Smits) #2

Hi Kevin,

How does it break? Are you getting an exception? If so, which? I think you probably need to select a persister different then the LearningPersistence.

.UsePersistence<InMemoryPersistence >();

This is a not a durable persister so data is lost when the process quits. See the following guidance for the persistence options available:

– Ramon

(Kevin Ison) #3

The exceptions are related to TimeoutManager… I will take a look at the link you posted.


(Ramon Smits) #4

Did selecting a different persister resolve your exception? If not, please share the exception details here.

(Carlo Fedeli) #5

Is the MSMQ Service installed on the pc that you’re using?