Saga Timeouts and Delayed Delivery

At the bottom of the following learning tutorial on Saga Timeouts is mention of another doc on how to “keep our solution robust even if we integrate with third-party services.”:

It appears this tutorial has not been written yet. Is this referring to just another variant of delayed delivery? I saw a reference to rate limiting, but the feature appears to be deprecated. Based upon the other documentation I’ve read, I assume you could use delayed delivery in addition to the the saga timeouts, assuming that processing is calling a third party rest service that throttles. In other words, I’d like to determine what feature of NServiceBus is ideal for to prevent throttling a saga that was already delayed like in the example provided in the tutorial. This applies to NServiceBus 7.x.

Hi Sam

The hinted at tutorial at the end of that page is still being worked on along with one other piece of content. I’m not sure when they will be completed, but you can follow this page to see their status.

There are a small handful of pages that show examples of Timeout use in Sagas.
Saga Timeouts –
More Saga Timeouts –
Simple Saga Sample has timeouts in it –

Let us know if you any further questions about your scenario.

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