Sagas type utilizing Singular and Pluralized SagaUniqueIdentity Ravendb collections


When debugging our saga’s i noticed that we have 2 SagaUniqueIdentity collections in ravendb. One Pluralized and one singular. The other thing i noticed is there is data in BOTH of these collections for sagas that are being created today for the same saga type. Is this a bug? Why is this happening? could this be related to the concurrency exceptions we are seeing?


Is this a bug? Why is this happening?

Package Versions
NServiceBus = 7.1.7
NServiceBus.RavenDB = 5.0.1

NVM. This is no longer an issue. I overlooked that was moved the database from one server to another and the timestamps on the singular named collections are updated because of the reimport of the documents. Sorry!

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