Send message from RabbitMQ context to MSMQ queue


Is it possible to send a message from an context that is created by an endpoint that uses RabbitMQ transport to a endpoint which is located in MSMQ. If yes, how?

Currently I want to send this message to a MSMQ endpoint from a custom pipeline step context that uses Behavior <IIncomingPhysicalMessageContext> .

Currently, I can send a message like this from the RabbitMQ context to another RabbitMQ queue. but I want to send it to a MSMQ queue:

public override Task Invoke(IIncomingPhysicalMessageContext context, Func<Task> next)

I am aware of SendOptions, but I can’t find anything suited for my scenario(atleast I think so)

Is this even possible?

Hi @dafels. I think you can accomplish this with the NServiceBus.Router. There’s some information about it here including a link to a sample at the bottom which shows a RabbitMQ endpoint connecting to an MSMQ one.