Send metric data to SqlServertransport Servicecontrol using transportadapter

Hi ,

My endpoints are of rabbitmq transport type and have configured servicecontrol to sqlservertransport type.

I am using transportadapter to send heartbeat to servicecontrol instance and its workfing fine, but I am unable to send metric data to monitoring instance.

How to send metric data to servicecontrol monitoring instance of sqlserver transport type?

var platformConnection = new ServicePlatformConnectionConfiguration
    ErrorQueue = "error",
    Heartbeats = new ServicePlatformHeartbeatConfiguration
        Enabled = true,
        HeartbeatsQueue = "Particular.ServiceControl"
    MessageAudit = new ServicePlatformMessageAuditConfiguration
        Enabled = true,
        AuditQueue = "Particular.Servicecontrol.Audit"
    Metrics = new ServicePlatformMetricsConfiguration
        Enabled = true,
        MetricsQueue = "Particular.Monitoring",
        Interval = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1)


Hi @amol.s

TransportAdapter does not support sending metrics to a monitoring instance of Service Control. In order to do that you would need to use TransportBridge in addition to TransportAdapter.