SendLocal - What does it do and when to use it?

Wanted to better understand this feature - SendLocal

I feel like there’s an opportunity to optimize our implementation using NServiceBus as we use Send across the board… When would someone want to use SendLocal?

Send local is sending to the endpoint performing the operation. There are two ways to achieve it.

Hi Craig

I see SendLocal as a way to slice operations into multiple individual pieces that can be handled concurrently and individually fail without needing to introduce another endpoint.

I think it also works great when starting with NServiceBus to just decouple the sender from the receiver logically while you still haven’t decided whether the responsibility of handling the message belongs to the same business capability and requires a dedicated endpoint for scale out or isolation reasons (Send) or whether the message is an event like message that is of interest for other business capabilities (Publish).


Appreciate the clarification