Service Bus Active Replication

Hi All,
we are planning to use Active Replication for azure service bus, is there any support in NSB which ensure only one of the message is processed.?

Thanks -nen

Hello @Nen_Zax
Actually, you can use message lock to ensure that messages are processed through Azure Service Bus and (NSB). NSB locks it after receving the message then stop other processes from processing a message simultaneously. After successful processing, the message is identified as finished and deleted from the queue.

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thanks for the reply.
did not know this feature existed, how do i turn this on? , curious on how NSB figures out that it’s an active/active deployment and only 1 message should be processed, and the second (duplicate) message discarded?

Thanks -Nen

Hi @Nen_Zax,

NServiceBus is focused around a single namespace, as this is how most enterprise systems are built. Occasionally we see some systems that use additional namespaces on the edges of the system to offload some work from the main namespace, but this is rather limited. For such scenarios, the messaging bridge can be a helpful feature.

Implementing active replication would be possible by implementing a replication function. There’s a sample available on how to do this on the Azure Samples repo here.

I do however also want to point out that implementing this would not be trivial, maintaining it wouldn’t either. Have you considered upgrading to the Premium tier? Azure Service Bus supports availability zones which would provide disaster recovery out of the box.

Are there any specific requirements you’re looking to address with Active Replication?

Let me know if you have additional questions.

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