Service control contracts - Not receiving MessageFailed event when the error is thrown from a command handler


(Fluent Guru) #1

Hi guys!

I’m using ServiceControl contracts to listen when an error is captured by service control. It works great when the error is thrown from within an event handler but it doesn’t if it is from a command handler. Any special configuration needed?

(Daniel Marbach) #2

Hi Guru :wink:

Is this the same endpoint or a different endpoint? Practically speaking there should be no difference whether the message that failed is an event or a command. As long as it fails and is moved to the error queue that is consumed by ServiceControl you should be able to receive the MessageFailed event. Can you provide us a bit more information about the setup? If you are hesitant to share it here feel free to send it via Request-non-critical support.


(Fluent Guru) #3

Hi, we figured it out, we were not routing to the service control endpoint correctly but thanks for the reply :slight_smile: