Service Control - manually create queues?

We are using NServiceBus with Azure Service Bus, and want to set up Service Control. Is it possible to manually create the Service Control queues/topic/subscriptions? The reason is that we need to control the naming of these entities and want it to be different from the Service Control instance name.

If this is not possible, I guess we could live with naming the Service Control instance in a way that reflects our naming requirements for the ASB entities. Except the name of the topic “bundle-1”, which Service Control automatically creates. This we need a way to control, as we use different naming for the topic.

Hi Maze

Can you elaborate why you need these queues to be different?

Currently what you are trying to achieve is not supported. Setting the bundle name requires code side settings which we don’t have an official extension for in ServiceControl. Like all other endpoints ServiceControl follows the convention of using the endpoint name as the queue names and there is no setting key that allows to override it.

Feel free to raise a feature request to with explanations why you think you require us to open up these settings (we might be able to support it via custom connection string extensions as we do for other transport if we understand your requirements)


Yes, basically we want to share an ASB namespace for multiple environments. So we want to mark all queues etc. with an indication of which environment they belong (e.g. prefix with “tst” or something like that).

It seems that we can get far by naming each Service Control instance with some indication of environment. So that’s fine. But the name of the shared topic “bundle-1” presents a greater inconvenience, since it is not configurable in Service Control. It is however configurable in other endpoints.

I will follow your suggestion and raise a feature request for the shared topic name.

Thanks for raising the issue

We will follow up there once the issue gets prioritized.

Have a nice weekend!