Service Control Play Button


I am having an issue with the, “Play” button in Service Control Manager. When I press the play button it does not do anything. I have re-installed and re-licensed but still have not found a fix for the play button staying in, “Play” mode. Any advise to keep it going is appreciated.


Hi Kris,

We also got this over our support channel. We will reply there and post a summary if necessary here in the discussion group.


Hello Dan,

Thank you for your fast reply and that also sounds fine. When I can expect to see something over the support channel? I only ask because it is time sensitive.



Hi Kris

I hear you are already chatting with @boblangley

I’m closing this issue here


ServiceControl will log errors that prevent the service from starting in the Windows Event Log. In this case inspecting the event log gave Kris the exception that was preventing ServiceControl from starting and prompting him to replace 2 files that had gone missing/corrupt which solved the problem.