Service Control Upgrade v1.41.3 to v2.+


(Mick) #1

We are pretty behind on getting service control upgraded to the latest versions. We are currently on version 1.41.3 and i would like to start the process to upgrading to the latest version. I noticed in the documents for upgrading from v1 to v2 you should be at 1.41.3 before going to version 2. My question is since we are 1.41.3, can we jump to the highest 2.+ version of service control or do we need to hit an intermediate version before jumping to the highest 2.+ version?

Thanks for any feedback,

(Mike Minutillo) #2

Hi Mick,

You should be able to upgrade from 1.41.3 directly to 2.1.3.

Make sure you review the upgrade guide and, if you have a large ServiceControl database, please consider performing a side-by-side upgrade.

Best of luck,
Mike Minutillo
Particular Software

(Mick) #3

Thanks for the info Mike! We will likely be doing the side-by-side upgrade