Service Insight Icons seem incorrect

I’m testing Azure functions.

  1. I deployed a function out in Azure (Azure Functions App - Consumption model).

  2. I sent a message on the function’s queue.

  3. The message was processed and turned up in ServiceControl immediately. Success!

  4. I sent a few more test messages and they responded even quicker. Two things were interesting in ServiceInsights:

    • The message icons looked like “retries”. They were not - they are individual messages ServiceInsights shows they are separate connections/conversations.

    • I got the “yield” icons on the Processing times.

These messages have only one property - a unique GUID - I am just working on the message flow right now. But that shouldn’t be the root cause.

So - my questions - which will likely be asked by my client too - are

  1. Where are all the ServiceInstights icons documented. I came up empty searching docs.

  2. Why would these new messages show in ServiceInsights as retries?

TIA - jlo

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Here is an animated gif of ServiceControl:


Some icons were documented here but it looks like the document is broken.

Thanks, Sean - if you click on them you can see the icon that is defined in that doc page. There is no documentation for the circular green arrow icon that appeared in my list but - presumably - that one means “successfully processed after 1 or more retries.”

those messages in my list were not retried so it is a bit of a mystery why I’m getting that icon. After a while, it was clear that the green circular icon appears when the yield sign appears on the Processing Time column. I remember reading at one time what that yield sign meant but haven’t located that in the docs yet.

I checked and this is a bug. The icon for “Processed Successfully with Warning” is incorrect. It is a copy of the “Processed Successfully after Retry”.

It is raised here and will be fixed in a future release.

The warning is likely telling you that the Processing Time, Critical Time or Delivery Time is less than zero. This usually indicates clock drift between sending and receiving endpoints so the values displayed are probably not trustworthy.

Thanks, Mike, and Happy New Year :>

Is the warning described in detail in the docs? Want to make sure I have it in my hip pocket when working with my new client.

I have submitted a PR to fix the issue with the images and add the missing status. Expect the updates by tomorrow.

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