Service Pulse Intermittently unable to Connect to Service Control

I’ve noticed our production Service Pulse occasionally is unable to connect to Service Control. Service Control appears red at the bottom of the Service Pulse UI and there is an “Unable to Connect” message over the Service Control connection under configuration.
It usually rectifies itself. I’m not sure how often it happens or for how long.

Is this anything to be concerned about?

ServicePulse 1.25.4
ServiceControl 4.12.0
ServiceControl Monitoring 4.12

We have this also regularly on all environments. While clicking on the test button next to the “connection url” textbox always says “connection successful”. Operators are stressing because of this.


I set up a local environment using the latest versions of both to see if the issue surfaces.
Is it an option for you @PhilipWoulfe and @Robert to update to the latest version of both ServiceControl (4.17.0) and ServicePulse (1.29.0)?


Hi @mauroservienti

The intention is to upgrade at some point, but we’re still discussing it.

I think I’ve figured out when it happens, if you leave a window with service pulse open for a while (not sure exactly how long, left it overnight to test it and saw it in the morning), this error will eventually appear. refreshing the page usually resets the error message

I use Brave Browser (a chromium based browser) and Chrome to test the scenario using the latest versions. The test environment continuously run for more than 3 days without any connectivity error while in background a couple of endpoints were exchanging message randomly failing.