Service Pulse Local Developer License Issue

I’ve updated my NSB license locally but service pulse doesn’t seem to be picking it up. I am able to launch service control and service insight (both of which indicate my license expiry date is for 2020) and everything works. Any thoughts on why service pulse isn’t recognizing the updated license? When i click the view license information, it is showing the my old license expiry date for some reason.

I’ve restarted service pulse service and even un-installed and re-installed it but it continues to say my license is expired.

Any thoughts one what is causing this or how to resolve it? Is there an additional spot it is looking for that license information that is trumping what service control and insight is looking at?

Thanks in advance,

ServiceControl needs to be restarted. You can use the ServiceControl Management Utility to import a new or updated license file.

– Ramon

I’ve done that and it is still giving me the platform license expired message. I updated my license through the service control utility. Here is what i’m seeing:

Did you restart all services after specifying the new license?

Could it be that the license location was overridden in the ServiceControl configuration?

Is your license file issue resolved?

Have you tried purging the browser cache as well?

I was able to get this resolved by doing the steps you mentioned. I also reimported the license in service control just to be safe and everything is working now.