Service Pulse still opens new instance of ServiceInsights when "Open in ServiceInsights" Button is used

From the recent Service Insights 2.2 blog post:

When you click Open in ServiceInsight in ServicePulse, you will switch to an existing ServiceInsight instead of always launching a new one. The existing ServiceInsight will simply switch to the same instance of ServiceControl that ServicePulse is connected to.

Was excited - but I’m not seeing this behavior.

Service Insights: 2.3
Connected Url: http://localhost:11111/api/
Service Pulse: 1.27
Configured URL: http://localhost:11111/api/

When I press View in ServiceInsights I get a new instance - and don’t get a query.

Screen capture:

Hi Jeffrey,

Your expectation is correct. When you click the link in SP it should open the same instance (if already open) and not launch a new instance. Would you be able to reach out to support at particular dot net so that we can workout why it is not working?