ServiceControl 1.43.5 - Patch release available


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Hi Everyone,

Version 1.43.5 of ServiceControl has just been released. In this release we fixed 1 issue.


  • #1046 Concurrency error when storing message bodies as RavenDB attachments


Under heavy load concurrency errors happening when storing message bodies would not be resolved by First-Level Retries and some audit messages whould be marked as failed and stored in the FailedAuditImports collection in RavenDB. Those messages would not be visible in ServiceInsight

How to know if you are affected

Systems with audit enabled and where events have more than two subscribers are affected. The critical section handling in RavenDB attachment storage works correcly only with maximum of two threads. When an event has three or more subscribers and all three audit messages end up in the audit queue together there is a chance that more than one thead enters a critical section in the attachment subsystem, causing a concurrency exception.

Should I upgrade immediately?

All affected users should upgrade immediately to prevent messages from being stored in FailedAuditImports. We are working on a follow-up fix that will let users who already have their messages stored in this collection reprocess their FailedAuditImports.

Where to get it

You can see the full release notes here:

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