ServiceControl 1.45.0 - Minor release available

Hi Everyone,

Version 1.45.0 of ServiceControl has been released. In this release we fixed 2 issues. These issues are related to how ServiceControl deals with failures when processing audit and error messages.


#1053 Report failures in error and audit processing via a custom check visible in ServicePulse.
#1055 Allow re-importing of previously failed audit messages via a command-line option --import-failed-audits

How to know if you are affected

You are affected if after upgrading to version 1.45.0, ServiceControl reports failed custom checks related to either audit or error messages. In case of audits you should attempt to re-import them via a command line option. In case of failed error messages, please contact support.

Should I upgrade immediately?

Yes, you should upgrade immediately to be able to better monitor failures in audit and error processing.

Where to get it

You can see the full release notes here: Release 1.45.0 · Particular/ServiceControl · GitHub.

With thanks,
The team in Particular

Please read our release policy for more details.