ServiceControl 3.6.4 - Patch release available

Hi everyone,

We’ve just released ServiceControl 3.6.4. This release addresses a bug occurring in the Azure Storage Queue transport that results in LeaseTimeoutException being thrown during message processing. This causes lower throughput and generates additional costs as more storage operations are needed to process timed out messages.

Bug fixes

  • #1587 Update AzureStorageQueue transport to 8.1.3
  • #1586 Update ServiceControl.Monitoring to 2.1.5


  • #1576 Audit log queue should be optional
  • #1574 Add HelpMessage to Force parameter on New-ServiceControlInstance Cmdlet


Log entries are being written stating that lease timeout for a message has elapsed, e.g.:

NServiceBus.Transport.AzureStorageQueues.LeaseTimeoutException: The pop receipt of the cloud queue message ‘’ is invalid as it exceeded the next visible time by ’.

Should you upgrade immediately

Customers using Azure Storage Queue transport should upgrade immediately.

Where to get it

You can download this release from our website.

With thanks,

The team in Particular

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