ServiceControl 4.0.1 - Major release available

Hi everybody,

We’ve just released ServiceControl 4.0.1.

This version of ServiceControl moves the audit queue management into a separate process (a ServiceControl Audit instance). Having this capability in a separate process provides some significant advantages:

  • Audit ingestion can be started and stopped without impacting your production monitoring experience
  • You can store audit data on a different drive from failed message data
  • You can clear the audit database without losing failed message data

Should you upgrade immediately

You should upgrade during the next available change window.

During an upgrade to version 4, a new ServiceControl Audit instance will be created. Some configuration for this new instance is extracted from the existing ServiceControl instance, and some needs to be provided at the time of the upgrade.

Existing ServicePulse and ServiceInsight installations are unaffected by this upgrade. The original ServiceControl instance returns data, after upgrading, from the new ServiceControl Audit instance. If the existing ServiceControl instance already has audited messages in its database, they are returned as well until they are cleaned up by the audit retention policy.

Users upgrading to version 4 via PowerShell, or upgrading a multi-instance deployment are strongly encouraged to read the upgrade guide.