ServiceControl API with TLS Option

All APIs exposed by ServiceControl are not encrypted. Is there an option to configure TLS?

The best approach is to put it behind a reverse proxy Securing ServiceControl • ServiceControl • Particular Docs

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And here’s a link for the reverse proxy portion: Install ServicePulse in IIS • ServicePulse • Particular Docs

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I put service Control behind a reverse proxy and hosted service pulse in iis just like described in the docs.
Currently service pulse says CONNECTION SUCCESFUL together with UNABLE TO CONNECT:

Do you have any idea without looking at logs, how is this hybrid state possible?

solved the problem: service control behind the reverse proxy did only work for localhost:44392/api but not for localhost:44392/api/erors. So the test connection checks only for /api but in order to save also /api/error must result in proper response.

The reason why /api/error did not response properly was, that in the IIS the root reverse proxy rule described in the documentation was inherited to the api folder. getting rid of the inherited rule on the api folder solved the problem.