ServiceControl: Is RavenDb still the only persistence db that is available?

Is it still the case that RavenDb is the only option available as ServiceControl database? I found this thread implying that options were being looked at from 2017. Service Control Persistence from embedded Ravendb to SQL


At the moment RavenDB is still the embedded database that is used internally by ServiceControl.
Hope this clarifies.

Do you have any concerns over the usage of RavenDB? We are always looking towards improving our services and platform features.

Indu Alagarsamy

Hi. No major problems. But from for the purpose of NServiceBus persistence needs it appears that RavenDb is no longer recommended for use. So if utilizing ServiceControl along with NServiceBus with a persistence other than RaveDb (embedded understood) there’s need maintain two persistence platforms. So the question was rooted more into what are the bare minimum platforms that are required for NServiceBus, ServicePulse/Control.

That is about RavenDB DTC which is not used by ServiceControl.

Also, RavenDB persistence as used by endpoints is different and fully isolated. You can use any persistence option for endpoints that you would like.

Yes, I understand that aspect. I mentioned the maintainance/knowledge potentially multiple DB platform needs of the entire system NSB, ServiceControl and Pulse