ServiceControl License From File System

I am trying to configure ServiceControl to find a license on the file system as documented here: but ServiceControl is not finding it. I have restarted both the ServiceControl service as well as ServiceControl Management but the license is still not found.

Has the ability to configure a license location this way been deprecated similar to the way is has when targeting .NET Core or when using version 8?

Hi @MarkBricker

It should still be possible to provide the license to your ServiceControl instance via the documented appconfig setting ( e.g. <add key="NServiceBus/LicensePath" value="D:\NServiceBus\License\License.xml" />). Please make sure that the setting is added to the correct ServiceControl.exe.configuration file. It’s easiest to click on the “Installation path” link in the SCMU tool to find the right storage location of the config file.

Note that this won’t configure the license for the SCMU tool, it will still show a missing license but the ServiceControl instance should correctly report the specified license.