Servicecontrol memory usage

We use servicecontrol to monitor more or less 15 endpoints. In production(ravendb compacting has been done), the process uses around 4 GB.
We don’t have a high workload: 500000 messages in the past 30 days. The retention period is 30 days and 15 days for archived messages.
We have only one custom check, which is the dead letter queue monitor based on your sample.
The heartbeat is configured by default as 10 seconds.
Is it the expected memory usage?
Moreover, I attached the debugger to the process and it’s constantly throwing exceptions:

Is it ok?

Hi Laurent

ServiceControl hosts RavenDB in process to store all information relating to the messages coming in. RavenDB, being a database server, is pretty memory hungry.

Most database servers will use the memory that is made available to them, and the same is true for RavenDB.

Regarding the exception: What version of ServiceControl are you running?

We are running version 1.41.0
It looks now it’s stabilized around 2GB