ServiceControl Metrics and SQS Transport

We are using the SQS Transport for our NServiceBus endpoints, and were looking at sending Metrics to ServiceControl monitoring via an SQS queue. We are currently using a Transport Adapter for bridging between SQS and MSMQ for ServiceControl Audit and Error messages, but there is not an obvious way to do the same for monitoring queues.

Is the SQS Transport currently supported for endpoint Metrics to be shipped to a ServiceControl monitoring endpoint?

Thank you!

C. J.

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Currently the SQS transport is not supported for monitoring, even through the adapter. We’ll plan to add this support in close future. The goal is to have all our official transports supported in the monitoring. The delay in supporting SQS is mainly due to the fact that this transport only recently became the official part of our offering.

I am sorry for the inconvenience,

Thanks for the update Szymon. We will keep an eye out for these updates.


The SQS support for monitoring is out and available for production in ServiceControl 1.46.0 and up. See ServiceControl 1.46.0 - Minor release available for details.


Hello Thomas. I did see this come out, just didn’t get the notification from this topic. We are planning to test this out soon!

Thank you!

Hi @imonthercks

I thought you might be interested in seeing what we are currently doing with SQS. Besides making sure the whole platform suite eventually supports SQS we are also working on removing a few restrictions in terms of features. For example, we allow now to overcome the 15 minutes delayed delivery timeout of SQS which we call unrestricted delayed delivery. If you are curious how this works you’ll find the information available on our docs site