Servicecontrol.monitoring failing


This below error message recently started appearing in the service pulse and service insight. It fails in the servicecontrol.monitoring endpoint.

Here is the message body.

Below is the Saga data class.


Any help on this is highly appreciated.

Thanks, Pon

This was resolved through a support case but for anyone else looking for the answer:

It looks like you have your saga endpoint set up to send saga audit messages to go to the Monitoring queue like this:


When they should go to the main ServiceControl queue like this:


I’m not sure exactly what your ServiceControl queue is called, it could be Particular.ServiceControl . It depends on what the instance name of the ServiceControl instance is. It should be the same queue that is used for heartbeats and custom checks, if you’re using those.

So basically, the Monitoring service is getting a message it never expected to get because they shouldn’t be sent there in the first place.