ServiceControl Remotes : Errors not showing up in primary

Primary ServiceControl at localhost:33336/api/

Added remote via Powershell: <add key="ServiceControl/RemoteInstances" value="[{&quot;api_uri&quot;:&quot;http://anothermachine:33333/api/&quot;} ]" />

localhost:33336/api/configuration/remotes :

    "api_uri": "http://anothermachine:33333/api/",
    "version": "4.33.2",
    "status": "online",
    "configuration": {
      "host": {
        "service_name": "Particular.ServiceControl",


ServiceInsight connected to localhost:33336/api/ also shows messages from anothermachine: :+1:

ServicePulse connected directly to the remote SC via url localhost:9090/?scu=http://anothermachine:33333/api/&mu=!#/dashboard shows 24 failed messages etc… :+1:

ServicePulse connected to the primary shows no failed messages, endpoints, etc… :disappointed:

Is this expected behaviour?


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Good day, @janv8000. Welcome to the Particular discussion group.

That daisy-chaining configuration should work; at least, I witnessed it working in multiple scenarios. I also checked the code, and the ServiceControl API queries remote instances for failed messages. Does ServicePulse manifest the same behavior for other views? For example, do failed messages appear in the Failed Messages view?

Finally, can you check ServiceControl logs (for both instances) for any error that could be connected to those requests?


Thx for the reply, but before I go too deep in debug-mode I’ve asked for some advice concerning the original problem at Migrate ServiceControl/ServicePulse and backing MSMQ queues to new server