ServiceControl SQL Transport Database Scripts

I am trying to find information for the SQL scripts that would be ran when you generate a new instance of service control and audit instances but i haven’t found anything related to that yet in the documentation.

The reason for this is currently everything in our environment is running on MSMQ including our main service control and audit instances. With .Net Core not supporting MSMQ, we are looking at utilizing SqlTransport for our endpoints and use the TransportAdapter functionality to get the audit/error/service control messages over to our MSMQ instance. In order to do this we need to have audit/error and service control tables in our SQL and i’d like to be able to utilize the SQL scripts to deploy this out to each environment. Is there any documentation on the scripts that are used to generate the audit/error/service control tables?


Hi @mick24

The scripts for creating tables/queues are documented here. You need one table for each of the queues (audit, error, and SC input queue).

You can also configure Transport Adapter to enable installers on a testing environment and generate scripts from the table it creates at installation time.

Thanks! I was thinking those were just for the endpoint queues but the more i look at the tables i realize that they are the same table structures as the service control tables. :man_facepalming:

Thanks for the help and quick response!