ServiceControl.TransportAdapter error while forwarding message


I am using ServiceControl.TransportAdapter but it doesn’t forward error message & doesn’t log any error for same, ServiceControl Transport Adapter • Particular Docs

  1. It doesn’t log anything as errror message, does given change implemented ? -

  2. I have downloaded source code using above link, getting below error, am i missing anything here ?

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error MSB3073 The command ““C:\Users{usename}.nuget\packages\gitversion.msbuild\5.8.1\tools\net48/gitversion.exe” “C:\Workspace\SCAdapter_0312\ServiceControl.TransportAdapter-master\src\ServiceControl.TransportAdapter” -output file -outputfile obj\gitversion.json” exited with code 1. ServiceControl.TransportAdapter C:\Users{username}.nuget\packages\gitversion.msbuild\5.8.1\tools\GitVersion.MsBuild.targets 9