ServiceInsight 2.2 - Minor release available

Hello everyone,

We’ve just release version of 2.2 of ServiceInsight. This is an enhancement release which brings several small improvements and bug fixes to the app experience:


  • #897 Scaled endpoint instances now shows correctly in Sequence Diagram - Endpoints with multiple instances no longer create multiple swim lanes in the Sequence Diagram and all instance hosts are instead listed in the tooltip from the Endpoint’s name.
  • #894 and #893 Disable clicking of unsortable column headers and tooltip explaining why - Message list columns that can’t be sorted server-side are no longer sortable in ServiceInsight to avoid sorting only the page that is visible.
  • #873 GUID values now display in the saga diagram - ServiceInsight now shows the full GUID values in the Saga Diagram without the need to drill down into the payload viewer to see the actual values.
  • #802 Blank spaces in string values in the Saga Diagram are now visible - A grey dot is now displayed for leading and trailing space characters for properties of type string. This would make the value of those properties clearer to the viewer.


  • #895 and #885 General icon support for high DPI screens - All icons have been updated to vector-based graphics so that ServiceInsight won’t look fuzzy on high DPI screens anymore.
  • #891 Warn when a message has clock drift - There’s now a more clear indicator with a warning icon for messages that are subject to a clock drift.
  • #890 Added link to Sequence Diagram documentation - The Sequence Diagram may not be immediately understandable for some users, so we have added a button that links directly to the documentation page, which explains all the elements used in the diagram.
  • #889 Icon for successful retries - There’s now an icon for messages that are retried and then processed successfully.
  • #888 Retry a selected message from the toolbar - The option to retry a message is now easier to find. Besides being available via context menu from the message list, it’s now possible to retry a message by selecting it and clicking a corresponding button in the toolbar.
  • #887 Implemented single instance check - ServiceInsight now runs in a single instance mode. Links, for example from ServicePulse, no longer open another instance if ServiceInsight was already open.
  • #876 Saga payload view is now resizable - Not all content windows inside ServiceInsight were resizable previously. Now all these windows are resizable to make it easier to browse their contents.
  • #874 Display message retry counts in message list - The message list now has a new column for the numbers of message retries. This new column is not shown by default, but can be added via the message list column chooser by right-clicking the message list.
  • #798 Easier to provide feedback with feedback button - We added a button to ServiceInsight to make it easier for the users to send us direct feedback.

Where to get it

You can download this release from our website.