ServiceInsight page's not working properly

Since a short while our ServiceInsight is not working properly anymore. Going through pages of messages works okay if youre in the root of the tree, but when I select an endpoint the pages stop working. The first page of results will be fine, but when trying to go to the next page, it puts you on page 0 with all buttons for moving through pages disabled.

This is an example of me trying to go to page 2 with a specific endpoint selected.

This problem was also present when searching for a specific message, and then advancing a page. But by upgrading ServiceInsight from 1.12.0 to 1.14.0 this seems to have been solved. The ServiceControl we’re running is on version 4.5.1.

Have you checked if you have any corrupt/stale indexes in ServiceControl’s RavenDB database? We have a troubleshooting doco that explains what to do (although for ServicePulse, but it still applies).

This issue was fixed in ServiceControl 4.5.2. Can you please update to the latest version of ServiceControl and see if it resolves the issue?

Yes, we have cleaned our Raven DB multiple times already, this doesnt seem to fix the issue.

This looks like the fix we need, but for now my supervisor doesnt want to upgrade ServiceControl yet. I will report back when we have.