ServiceInsight search option


We are currently using ServiceInsight (current version) and were wondering if there are more specified option to search within the search box for messages. As we understand currently the search does a full text search through all messages and multiple search parameters are OR linked.

Are there possibilities to have more complex search?

  • AND linked searches
  • Message Type searches
  • Header field searches

Kind regards

Hi @Florian,

As documented here the search really only supports:

a search using the full-text search feature of ServiceInsight. This can be a message identifier, a part of the message payload, or any value in the message header.

This ends up being an OR by definition.

We have a few issues open to enhance the search capabilities:

But I’m not sure that any work on that is planned immediately.

Hi @DavidBoike

Thank you for your reply. I will dive into the github issues, leaf our needs/feedback in those and monitor them.