ServiceInsight Searches



Hi everyone, When trying to find a message in service insight, it seems the search mechanism is getting hung up when certain conditions exist.

In the message below, if I try to search for the reference number GA18EXCZ00K7LQN, ServiceInsight will not find the message.

The only way I can find the message is via its header id’s like NServiceBus.MessageId, CorrelationId, ConversationId, etc.

The message above contains a pdf file (small 2 page file) but its binary bytes seem to be causing the issue.

I was looking for something where I could detail a specific field in the JSON to search for.

Thanks in advance.

NSB 6.3.4
ServiceControl 1.41.0
ServiceInsight 1.11.0

(Hadi Eskandari) #2

Hi Leonard,

ServiceControl does not index body of message larger than certain size. That’s why the search can not find the message you’re looking at, as the binary data cause it not to get indexed.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Hadi, I may have to put important search information into the headers then. It is right to assume that headers are always indexed?


(Hadi Eskandari) #4

I think that is the best option you can go with, as long as you don’t keep adding tons of info to the header just to get them indexed. That potentially could cause you grief as well, e.g. slow indexes, larger SC database, etc.