ServicePlatform queues creation

We are using azure functions along with ServiceBus, and have the following questions regarding serviceplatform.

  1. Does ServicePlatform automictically create (audit, error, healtchecks …etc) queues if not present ? or do we have to explicitly create them ?

  2. Is there any point in have the following if we have the following if we have the ServicePlatform configuration in the code ?

  3. Do we have to enable anything specific for metrics ? or just have the following in the code will do the necessary ?

var platformConnection = new ServicePlatformConnectionConfiguration
    ErrorQueue = "error",
    Heartbeats = new ServicePlatformHeartbeatConfiguration
        Enabled = true,
        HeartbeatsQueue = "Particular.ServiceControl"
    CustomChecks = new ServicePlatformCustomChecksConfiguration
        Enabled = true,
        CustomChecksQueue = "Particular.ServiceControl"
    MessageAudit = new ServicePlatformMessageAuditConfiguration
        Enabled = true,
        AuditQueue = "audit"
    SagaAudit = new ServicePlatformSagaAuditConfiguration
        Enabled = true,
        SagaAuditQueue = "audit"
    Metrics = new ServicePlatformMetricsConfiguration
        Enabled = true,
        MetricsQueue = "Particular.Monitoring",
        Interval = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1),
        InstanceId = "uniqueInstanceId"

Thanks -nen

Hi -nen,

  1. When you install ServiceControl instances, via the management utility or powershell, they will create all of the necessary queues for you.
  2. If you have the ServicePlatform configuration in code then you don’t need to explicitly call SendFailedMessagesTo or AuditProcessedMessagesTo
  3. As long as you call endpointConfiguration.ConnectToServicePlatform(platformConnection); and platformConnection has metrics enabled (as your sample does), it should just work.

Let me know if you run into any other questions.



qucik questions, can we re-configure the queue names in ServiceControl ? or do i have re-install ?

i want to change the heartbeat and customchecks queue names in particular.

The heartbeat and custom check input queues are all dictated by the name of the ServiceControl instance, so there is no way to change them on an existing ServiceControl instance.

Out of interest, why do you want to change these queues?

we want to start using the default names, one of the administrators changed the names of the queues.