ServicePulse 1.13.0 - Minor release available

ServicePulse 1.13.0 - Minor release available

Hi Everyone,

This new release of ServicePulse has a focus on improving the user experience. One of the more noticeable changes that are interesting is the ability to shift-click to retry multiple messages instead of having to individually click each message! Another nice feature is the ability to view the body of XML and JSON messages formatted correctly, instead of just as blob texts. You’ll also see that your view selections are now stored so you have the same settings when you return to the page.

All of the 10 issues that are part of this release can be seen below.

Type: Bugs

  • #610 Update the dependencies to address security vulnerability
  • #603 Error message appears as monitored endpoint after archiving
  • #593 Count badges should be hidden if there’s no failed messages

Type: Features

  • #616 Store time selection in cookies for monitoring screens
  • #609 Provide better feedback of error when reading a failed message from ServiceControl
  • #597 Sorting and filtering view options are stored in cookies
  • #476 Store group by selection on /#/failed-messages/groups in cookies
  • #440 Allowing shift selecting messages for retry and archive
  • #414 Archived messages screen stores drop down value when navigating away from the page
  • #398 Format messagebody for easier readability

Particular Software

Where to get it

You can download this release from our website.