ServicePulse 1.15.0 - Minor release available


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ServicePulse 1.15.0 - Minor release available

Hi Everyone,

This new release of ServicePulse has several user experience improvements. Highlights include the ability to now bookmark failed message group views. There’s now a sticky status bar containing version and update notifications, as well as ServiceControl connectivity status.

As part of this release we had 5 commits which resulted in 12 issues being closed.

Type: Bugs

  • #660 Typo: Hearbeats in endpoint heartbeats warning dialog
  • #651 Graphs with no data should always show solid line at the bottom
  • #608 Continually showing “connected to SC” is redundant and distracting
  • #573 Upgrade to ServicePulse v1.10.2 overwrites configured registry values

Type: Features

  • #673 Applying coloring to units of graphed values
  • #658 CustomCheck messages should respect NewLines
  • #655 Change monitoring overview page URL slug
  • #654 Endpoint details screen should show “No Messages processed in this period of time” instead of a blank section
  • #653 Force minimum viewport width of 1440px
  • #652 Add URL parameter to store which tab is selected in the endpoint details screen
  • #607 Set GroupBy selection into the url so we can bookmark the page with the preferred grouping
  • #445 Add retry button on message on All failed messages view

With thanks,
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Where to get it

You can download this release from our website.