ServicePulse 1.22.0 - Minor release available

Hi Everyone,

We’ve just released ServicePulse 1.22.0.

Fixed bugs

  • #650 Fixed inconsistencies with breadcrumb navigation
  • #663 Display correct headers for a message when using the search API
  • #664 Allow unarchiving of more than 50 messages at a time
  • #665 Archived messages UI displays correct results after unarchive operation
  • #707 Checkbox now showing in Chrome when creating a redirect
  • #717 Title element now shows current page
  • #762 Infinite scroll on Failed-Messages screen no longer eagerly loads messages
  • #789 Fixed link to failed messages in endpoint details page for monitoring
  • #790 Fixed edit and retry operation in IE

Should you upgrade immediately

This upgrade can be applied during planned maintenance.

Where to get it

You can download this release from our website.

With thanks,
Particular Software

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