ServicePulse 1.26.0 and ServiceControl 4.13.0 - Minor releases available

Hi everyone,

We’ve just released ServicePulse 1.26.0 and ServiceControl 4.13.0 with a collection of bug fixes, features, and improvements.


  • #2175 Service Control wrongly assumes that Envrionment.UserInteractive set to false indicates running as a Windows Service
  • #2138 Race condition could result in exception during ArchiveAllInGroup
  • #1056 ServiceControl does not deduplicate audit messages
  • #931 Race condition on the Custom Checks view can cause duplicated list entries


  • #2147 Show warning in log file if disk space is running low
  • #2156 Support processing Saga Audit messages in the audit instance
  • #911 Add disconnected endpoint count to the Monitoring navigation bar item


  • #2173 Update to latest RavenDB 3.5
  • #2166 Enabling copying of error details to the clipboard when installation or upgrade of ServiceControl instance fails
  • #2165 Auto-migrate legacy Azure Service Bus transport to the new version
  • #2159 Show information when a newer version is available
  • #2155 Make license management consistent between ServiceControl runtime and installation
  • #2137 Configurable naming of the shared Azure Service Bus topic (bundle-1)
  • #886 Configure the number of events per page

Should you upgrade immediately

Users affected by any of the bugs are advised to upgrade during the next maintenance window.

Where to get it

You can download the new version from our website.

With thanks,
The team in Particular

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