ServicePulse 1.27 - Minor release available

Hello everyone,

We’ve just released ServicePulse 1.27. This is an enhancement release which brings several small improvements to the app experience:

Type: Features

  • #948 Group endpoints in monitoring view - Endpoints can now be grouped in the monitoring view. This option allows choosing how many segments delimited by a . can be used to group endpoints.
  • #947 Button to toggle select all / clear selection of messages in failed messages views - When browsing a view with a list of failed messages it’s now possible to toggle between select all / clear selection of all messages loaded in the UI.
  • #942 Sort endpoints by name or metric average in monitoring view - Adds the ability to sort by endpoint name or each metric’s average value for the currently selected time period. The column labels toggle between ascending and descending when clicked. Only works when endpoint grouping is not applied.
  • #940 Endpoint list filtering in monitoring view - Adds an input field to the monitoring view that allows filtering endpoints by their name. Only one keyword can be used at this time. In addition the filter can also be provided via a parameter in the URL so that filters can be shared and saved via bookmarks.

Type: Improvements

  • #951 Change name of “archive” operation to “delete” - The old “archive” operation is now called “delete” to better reflect the fact that messages will effectively be deleted, not archived, after the retention period ends.
  • #945 Update heartbeat, monitoring (disconnected) and endpoint (disconnected) icons - Heartbeat and monitoring icons are now easier to distinguish one from the other. Icons for endpoint connectivity loss and monitoring connectivity loss are also now better represented.
  • #943 Shorten message names to show only message types and cater for nested classes - Shorten message names to show only message types and cater for nested classes. This makes the list of message types in the monitored endpoint details view easier to read by omitting any repetitive and/or long namespaces.

Where to get it

You can download this release from our website.

With thanks,
The team in Particular

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