ServicePulse and ServiceInsight capturing received messages only

We have couple of endpoints in our project. Some of the endpoints are “send only” and some others are “receive only”. I noticed that send only message traffic is not captured at ServicePulse and ServiceInsight.

Is this by design or are we missing an endpoint configuration thing?
PS: No error or warning message logged to the log files.


Hi Dogan,

ServicePulse only shows failed messages. That’s by design.
ServiceInsight is the one that reflects audited and failed messages.

You don’t see the messages sent by the send-only endpoint in ServiceInsight?

Hi Sean,

Thanks for your response. Let me explain with some more detail.

Endpoint A is raising commands
Endpoint B is handling raised commands by Endpoint A.

When I check ServicePulse, message numbers goes up for EndPoint B. But nothing happening on Endpoint A box.

On service ServiceInsight, when I click EndPointA no message listed underneath but when I click EndPointB all handled messages are listed there.

Are these behaviors all by design?


Hi Dogan,

Message numbers in ServicePulse that goes up, that would be number of failed messages. ServicePulse is not designed to show the processed messages. It’s designed to allow IT/ops/admins to action failed messages.

For ServiceInsights (SI) it’s different. It should reflect both the successfully processed and failed messages. Which view in SI are you using, endpoint explorer, Sequence Diagram, or both to describe what you see/don’t see?

Hi Dogan,

I went ahead to verify what’s happening and this is what should happen for you as well. For the verification, I’ve used the monitoring demo sample you can download to run. My modifications included the following:

  1. Enable auditing by adding endpointConfiguration.AuditProcessedMessagesTo("audit") to the endpoints configuration code.
  2. Make ClientUI endpoint a send-only to mimic a send-only endpoint that emits the PlaceOrder command to the Sales endpoint to be handled.

Inspecting messages using the Flow Diagram option

When using the Endpoint Explorer to toggle between the endpoints, for every selected endpoint, successfully processed (audited) and failed messages will only show up under the endpoints that are processing messages. If your sender (EndpointA, or ClientUI in my repro) is a send-only endpoint, none of those two conditions are fulfilled and no messages will be shown under the endpoint.


For the receiving/processing endpoint (EndpointB, or Sales in my repro), the message will show up as it was received successfully.

If you don’t select a specific endpoint but rather the ServiceControl URI (parent node), you’ll see the message with both the sender and the receiver information.


Inspecting messages using the Sequence Diagram option

This is how it’s designed to work. In case that’s not what you see, I would suggest to update to the latest versions of the Particular Platform and try the sample to identify the differences that could cause the issue. If after that you’re still not able to see the messages sent from the send-only endpoint, contact the support