ServicePulse Has the Word "Undefined" Injected Into Menu URLs

I have installed ServicePulse on two IIS 10 servers with the same application. The staging server (installed weeks ago) with

ServicePulse 1.33.1
ServiceControl/Monitoring 4.29.3

works fine. However, upon installing ServicePulse on my production server with

ServicePulse 1.36.3
ServiceControl/Monitoring 4.30.1

The Heartbeats and Monitoring menus link to


instead of 9090/a/#endpoints or 9090/a/#monitoring. It I go to the browser URL and remove “undefined” the URLs work. Would anyone know why “undefined,” is being injected into the menu URLs?

Hi jjx

To rule out any caching issues, please retry opening the service pulse dashboard in incognito window and then clicking through the links.

Particular Software Support Team

Hi Jayanthi_Sourirajan,

I reopened the ServicePulse dashboard in an Incognito window and the word “undefined” was still inserted into the menu URLs before and after clicking through the links and after correcting the links in the browser and clicking through them again.

Were any changes made to the client-side JavaScript in the 1.36.3 ServicePulse release that could cause this issue when running ServicePulse on an IIS server?

Thank you for looking into this!

During a screen share with Particular, Jayanthi explained that this behavior (“undefined” inserted into the ServicePulse menu URL text) is the result of the JavaScript framework for ServicePulse going through an ongoing migration from Angular to Vue.js. This migration began with ServicePulse version 1.33.1 (I am on 1.36.3). Particular hopes to resolve this issue, which affects ServicePulse running on IIS servers, within the next couple of months.

Hi @jjx,

the issue you are seeing might be caused by a missing configuration option in your app.constants.config i.e. the baseUrl option introduced in version 1.34.4.

If the option is missing from your config file (which might be the case if you are hosting ServicePulse in IIS and forgot to update the config file when upgrading to the latest version) then some of the URLs will get the undefined value prepended.


Thanks Tomek! That resolved the issue. Much appreciated!