ServicePulse - Multiple teams monitor common bus

We have a lot of microservices owned by different teams, but they communicate with each other using NSB on a common Azure Service Bus. The monitoring of the services themselves are up to the teams, but ServicePulse is now way to cluttered to be of any real use.

Is it possible for the teams to select which endpoints they are interested in and filter on only things that are relevant for those endpoints? Preferably also something that is persisted across sessions for the team members. This would make our systems a lot easier to monitor, and reduces the risk of messages failing and not being picked up by the team.


Hi Morten

I’m not aware of any such functionality at this stage being built into ServicePulse. One way to achieve what you are asking for would be to have dedicated audit and error queues “per team” similar to what we describe in our multi-instance guide under multi-region deployment.

With that you would achieve true isolation from both the auditing as well as error ingestion and then the teams could fully own that part of the system. Have you thought about that?