ServicePulse - Retries Stuck


Is there anything I can do when retries appear to be doing nothing (stating “queued” for an abnormally long period of time)? I have restarted ServiceControl and checked RavenDB in maintenance mode for anything that looked wrong (although not really familiar with this)

now 4 hours with no difference :frowning:

Are you on the latest version of ServiceControl and ServicePulse? (I used to have this issue but was resolved in the latest update)

a work around is to go to the message itself and retry there…

We are on v3.6.2 so no as I see its up to v3.8.2, was this where the update was? Can you upgrade and maintain the RavenDB?

For the workaround does that eventually remove the message I am seeing?


I upgraded ServiceControl to the latest version once done it started to complete! Thanks for your help.

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