ServicePulse showing failed messages twice

ServicePulse has a strange ‘most-of-the-time’ occurring behavior.
All Failed Messages says 2. But most of the time when navigating to the All Failed Messages tab it will show 4 messages. Some times it will show only the 2 expected messages. But then again 4, as most of the time.

Network traffic tells me, the service control api returns 2 messages as expected, only service pulse messes up. I’m using IE 11, unfortunately that’s the only browser available on the monitoring machine for me.

As a side note: the archive tab does not seem to have this issue, it always displays every message only once.

Ideas what could be wrong?

Hi @philippdolder,

I’ve observed the same behavior just recently, I’m investigating the issue.

I’ll report back here my findings.


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Found the issue, and fixed. It was a regression due to an overly complex rebase operation that happened a few weeks ago. That part unfortunately is not covered by tests. It’ll be out with the next release of ServicePulse.

Thanks for making us aware of this issue.


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