ServicePulse shows ghost failed messages


Our ServicePulse is showing ghost failed messages. The icon is showing for some instances in the Monitoring overview, but when I navigate to the Failed Message overview nothing is there.

We had this for some weeks now and after the update of ServicePulse to 1.25.3 and ServiceControl to 4.10.2, I was forced to restart all services. And I would expect the ghost failed messages to be gone, but this wasn’t the case.

Any suggestions?

See attached screenshots:

Hey Micheal,

Can you try the following;

In the failed message groups screen click on the ‘Last 10 completed retry requests’ and have a look if there is an entry waiting for you confirmation. The group that was retired but not ‘clicked’ could leak out at some places. In here you may want to change filtering on the screen: so to the right from Sort By there is a group by option. Go through each and every one of it and chack under last 10 requests.

The above is the most probable cause. Let me know if this helped


Hello Mike,

Thank you for the instructions. It was eventually retries which were triggered, but were not dismissed yet.
After dismissing these, the failed message icons were gone!

See screenshot: