Single ServicePulse/Control instance for multiple environments

Can we have a single instance of ServicePulse/Control instance for multiple environments, is there a way we can select different environments (Dev, QA, Prod) ??

Thanks -Nen

Hi -Nen,

Each environment should have it’s own ServiceControl installation. There is no way to manage individual environments within a single ServiceControl instance.

For ServicePulse, you can get away with a single installation. Every time you configure the ServiceControl connections using the Configuration tab, your address bar will be updated to include the location of the ServiceControl and ServiceControl Monitoring instances that you’re connected to. It will look something like this:


You can create a shortcut to that address and when you go back to it you will be connected to the correct instance. You can hover over the connection status indicators in the footer to see which instances you are connected to.

You can use this to create shortcuts for Dev, QA, Prod, etc.