SQL Persistence for NSB v5.x?


(Phil Sandler) #1

Is SQL Persistence supported with NSB 5.x? They docs seem to indicate that it is not supported, but I believe I have used it in the past.

The article about the oldest version of SQL Persistence in the docs (https://docs.particular.net/persistence/sql/?version=sqlpersistence_1) shows this: “Target NServiceBus Version: 6.x”.

(Mauro Servienti) #2

Hi Phil,

No, it never supported v5. V1 started targeting v6, for reference:

Is it an option for you to migrate those endpoints to v7?


(Phil Sandler) #3

We have other options, so it’s not really a problem. For some reason I was convinced I had used SQL Persistence at a previous client, which would have been version 5.