Sql Persistence - Overriding table names

Apologies if this has been asked before - I did search the board but couldn’t find an answer.
I’m just getting to grips with the Persistence.Sql having using RavenDB previously - my test bed code works great.
However I’d like to be able to override the schema from “dbo” and the default table names from “EndpointName_SubscriptionData” etc.
Is this possible? I’ve found the SqlDialect.Schema property which does what I want - but I can’t find anything that allows me to change the default table names.
Thanks in advance,

I don’t believe there is a way to override the table names completely. There is a method to add a prefix to your subscription/timeout/saga tables that you can use

Hi Mick - thanks for the response. Any idea what that method is? As I said, I found SqlDialect.Schema - is that what you were referring to?

@IanJones The API is TablePrefix(string). By default, the name of the endpoint is used as a prefix.

That’s great, Szymon - thanks very much.