SQL Transport for postgresql

Is there a PGSQL transport like for MSSQL?

Hi kamil

At this stage we offer PGSQL persistence but not a transport. Do you have restrictions that you are only allowed to run PGSQL? Or are there other reasons why you are interested in a PGSQL transport?


Hi, I like MSSQL transport approach, it works very well. There is no need for installing rabbitmq and speding resources on it. I have choosen DigitalOcean for my next project because of its simplicity and no hidden costs (like on azure or aws)… but there is no MSSQL there.

Btw, it would be nice to have also Transport for RavenDb :wink:

Hi Kamil

I’m not aware of any plans to support those two databases as a transport for now but I can make sure to bring it to the attention of the group internally that is responsible for those types of feature additions to the platform.

In the meantime technically there is nothing preventing you from doing that as a community transport by copy pasting the SqlServer transport and adjust it to your needs.


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